WV Society

Since the founding of the West Virginia Society in 1900, an energetic and excited group of women has been engaged in a mission to preserve what is valuable in our nation’s history.  These special ladies – Colonial Dames – believed in keeping history alive in West Virginia!

The West Virginia Colonial Dames created this website in 2012 to preserve the inspiring Dames legacy as we tell the story of the Colonial Dames in West Virginia.  Through all of the Dames’ history, each era has a flavor of its own.  Our society reflects both the treasured heritage of the past and the changes necessary to help the past endure and enrich the present.  Over the years, the West Virginia Dames have graciously and audaciously reached out, just as our colonial leaders reached out, to preserve the unique American way of life in the Colonial and Federalist periods by preserving historical houses and artifacts.  This website is also a popular history designed to teach our youth about pre-West Virginia days before statehood in 1856.

Why is it exciting to be a West Virginia Colonial Dame?

  • We find it exciting to network with Dames all across West Virginia and the nation who believe in the patriotic ideals of our Founders.
  • We believe that the discovery of our ancestors’ roles in the formation of the United States provides a deeper connection to the founding of our country – a connection still pertinent today.
  • We believe that two of the greatest statements of human liberty ever written are The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.
  • We believe our American heritage – THE COLONIAL PERIOD in AMERICA and THE FOUNDING of the NATION PERIOD in AMERICA – contain the seeds that spread democratic freedom around the world.
  • We are involved in patriotic and historical service as we teach the responsibilities of citizenship to youth, new citizens and members.
  • We believe in the American dream – a nation where government must be of the people, by the people and for the people.

Learn more about the FOUNDERS.  View or download the .pdf file.

Read the full TELLING THE STORY OF  THE WEST VIRGINIA DAMES. Download the .pdf file.

2016 NSCDA BIENNIAL COUNCIL   Ten West Virginia Dames attended the 2016 Biennial in Washington, D. C. where we looked forward to watching our past President Jane Boylin being installed as NSCDA’s Vice President. Those who attended the Biennial were Laura Lee Albert, Dixie Wilson, Jill Stevens, Libby Stultz, Lynn Goldsmith, Sue McKinney, Sandy Smith, Priscilla Lawson, Jane Boylin, and Elizabeth Baker.  Jane’s two daughters Mary Fowler and Elizabeth Baker also traveled to the Biennial to honor their mother.

Libby Stultz, Jill Stevens, Dixie Wilson, Priscilla Lawson, Laura Lee Albert, and Sue McKinney

Sandy Smith, Jane Boylin, Mary Fowler and Elizabeth Baker