Semi-Annual Meeting

Saturday, January 20th, 2018 @ 1:15PM

President Jessica Graney welcomed NSCDA-WV women to the Semi-Annual Meeting held Nov. 8, 2017 at Edgewood Country Club in Charleston, WV. The meeting opened with the Flag Ceremony.

Special guest was Ellen Holt, national vice-president, who represented Region IV of NSCDA. Graney praised members for their support in preserving the three national houses: Sulgrave Manor (George Washington’s ancestral house) ; Gunston Hall (founded by patriot George Mason, crafter of the Virginia Bill of Rights); and Dumbarton House (headquarters of NSCDA).

Graney also thanked members for their support of the Craik-Patton Museum House, built in 1834 by James Craik, a descendant of George and Martha Washington. She urged members to support Craik-Patton Museum House to preserve the house, artifacts and stories from pre-war days in Charleston, WV. The Craik-Patton Foundation, established by West Virginia NSCDA-WV leaders, is halfway toward the goal of reaching one million dollars to secure the future of the Craik-Patton House.

Registrar Lynn Goldsmith announced the names of eight new members joining NSCDA-WV.

Following various officer and committee reports, Ken Sullivan, president of the West Virginia Humanities Council, spoke on the contributions of the Council in preserving the culture of West Virginia and in supporting educational endeavors.

The meeting concluded with luncheon at Edgewood.

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