Eleven Dames to attend Biennial 2016

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 @ 8:47PM

NSCDA-WV President Sandra Smith will accompany ten Colonial Dames to the Biennial Council Meeting at the Ritz-Carlton in Pentagon City October 13-17. American Dames attend national meetings on historical activities, patriotic service, membership, communications, leadership, just to name a few. NSCDA members will be celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the society’s founding.

Dames will learn through educational workshops how to preserve our nation’s history, historical structures, documents, artifacts, along with the preservation of human rights as guaranteed by the Constitution..

Attendees for NSCDA-WV are Sandra Smith, Jane Boylin, Sue McKinney, Priscilla Lawson, Lynn Goldsmith, Anne Silbernagel, Laura Lee Albert, Dixie Wilson, Elizabeth Stultz, Jill Stevens and Becky Steorts.

Past NSCDA-WV President Jane Boylin will be installed as national vice president and Joyce Ey will receive the prestigious Roll of Honor award for her service to NSCDA-WV.

Dames all across America pledge their loyal and affectionate allegiance to the Flag and to the patriots who throughout history dedicated their lives to American freedom. The 2016 Biennial will conclude with a memorial service in Arlington National Cemetery near the NSCDA memorial honoring fallen soldiers, the first monument in America erected

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